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Becoming a Doctor Abroad

Being a doctor abroad is becoming more and more difficult and demanding day by day. Long shifts, violence, wages crushed by the dollar and inflation; It complicates the living conditions for doctors in other countries. That’s why thousands of doctors today want to work abroad. Currently, thousands of them have started their working lives all over the world, from Dubai to London. So, is it difficult to become a doctor abroad? What does it take to work abroad as a doctor? How much is the salary of doctors abroad? These are the most frequently asked questions by physicians who want to become a doctor abroad. In the rest of our article, we will answer these questions and talk about the most advantageous countries where you can pursue a career in health.

How to Become a Doctor Abroad?

What are the Conditions for Doctor Abroad?

To become a doctor abroad, you have to meet some requirements set by the country you want to work in. At the beginning of these conditions, getting equivalence for the education and diploma you have received and having the accreditation process applied. In addition, you are expected to pass assessments related to your professional competence and language skills. These processes can vary greatly depending on the country you want to work in. For example, some countries require you to know the mother tongue of the country, while others may accept you with an average knowledge of English. Likewise, the conditions set by the countries for professional qualification, the period of experience they seek, the branches and the residence permit opportunities they provide may also vary. After completing the necessary equivalency, accreditation and licensing, you should start looking for a job in that country. Doctors who successfully completed the job search process and received an offer from a company; They are invited to the country together with the residence permit. They also deal with long-term residence permit, house rental and similar processes for themselves and their families for a while in the country where they will work. Then they can start their working life.

All these processes can be difficult, in some cases long and time consuming. In particular, physicians who are currently working may not be able to spare time for the processes we are talking about with long shift hours. In such cases, it is recommended to get consultancy from relevant experts in order to carry out the processes in the most ideal conditions and to minimize the burden on the doctor.

You can call us for your questions about being a doctor in Dubai and working as a doctor abroad; You can benefit from our consultancy services.

Which Countries Have a Doctor Shortage?

At the beginning of the countries with a shortage of doctors and health workers;

  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai),
  • Australia,
  • New Zeland,
  • Countries like Canada come.

People who want to choose between such countries are advised to take a good look at the countries’ living standards, average salaries for doctors, rents and similar factors. Likewise, it is very important to consider the expectations of these countries from foreign doctors.

What are the Advantages of Being a Doctor in Dubai?

Dubai is a city where both the health sector and all business lines in general are growing rapidly. This metropolis, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, has a highly developed infrastructure system, a rich culture and most importantly, very advantageous business opportunities. Exactly for this reason, it receives qualified immigration from all over the world. Besides these, being a doctor in Dubai is advantageous for reasons such as:

  • Humane working conditions and hours.
  • A salary conducive to both living comfortably and saving.
  • Various educational opportunities for children.
  • Relatively easier conditions for transactions such as licensing and equivalency.
  • Opportunity to start working life with an average English skill.

Considering all these factors, it will be easier to understand why Dubai receives so much immigration from European countries and regions such as the USA.

Become a Doctor in Dubai!

We offer the necessary consultancy services to our physicians who want to work as doctors in Dubai, together with our team consisting of experts in their own fields. Physicians who want to become a doctor in Dubai and practice abroad can contact us using the contact information on our website.

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