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Dubai’de Doktor Olarak Çalışmak İsteyenlere Altın Vize Fırsatı

Golden Visa Opportunity for Those Who Want to Work as a Doctor in Dubai

Being a doctor in Dubai has many advantages. Perhaps one of the most important of these advantages is to have a 10-year golden visa. Today, many countries give temporary work and residence permits for 1 to 2 years to employees coming from abroad. These permissions have a rather “fragile” structure. For example, a person has to leave the country within 30 days when he/she is not actively working, changes his/her job, leaves the job or the employment contract is terminated. This leads to very problematic situations, especially for families with children.

In many countries of the world, long-term visa programs with much more comfortable conditions, called golden visas, are applied to senior investors in order to eliminate such problems. However, such programs are given to high-level investors, that is, individuals who actively invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in the country, as we mentioned before. Individuals who come to work are generally not given a golden visa.

People working as doctors in Dubai have a very advantageous position, as we have mentioned dozens of times before. Thanks to a special program that has been in place for several years, they can obtain the necessary qualifications and obtain a golden visa.

In the rest of our article, we will talk about what a golden visa is and its advantages.

What is the Golden Visa?

The golden visa is a special residence permit program that countries provide to top investors. Individuals who own property in the country or have already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the country; They are rewarded with golden visas by the country. Getting this visa is much easier in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Because the UAE grants golden visas not only to individuals who invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in the country, but also to talented artists, scientists and highly trained workers such as doctors. Thanks to this visa, foreigners can reside in the country for up to 10 years without any renewal process.

What are the Advantages of the Golden Visa?

Known as the golden visa or golden card, the program offers very important opportunities to physicians working as doctors in Dubai. For example, doctors who have to renew their visa every 1 or 2 years under normal conditions can continue to work in the country for up to 10 years without the need for any renewal with the golden visa. Of course, the advantages of the golden visa are not limited to this. Under normal circumstances, doctors who quit their job for any reason or whose employment contract has been terminated; They have to leave the country within 30 days. This situation can lead to the disruption of the order that people have established by working hard, the education of their children to be unfinished, and many other problems. However, doctors with golden visas can stay in the country and look for a new job even if their contract is terminated. Another advantage of the golden visa is that foreign workers are allowed to leave the country for a long time. Doctors or healthcare workers holding a golden visa; They can be abroad for up to 6 months. However, as they approach the 6th month, they have to return to the country again. Otherwise, the golden visa program may be terminated.

The United Arab Emirates attaches great importance to the employees who come to the country and participate in the development and offers these employees very important opportunities. ” What are the Advantages of Being a Doctor in Dubai? You can have more detailed information about the subject by reviewing our article named ”.

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