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Is it Possible to Work as a Health Care Professional in Dubai?

Foreigners who want to become medical personnel in Dubai can start working and live in Dubai if they meet various conditions.

Dubai has a rapidly developing economy, as well as a very good infrastructure and service sector that supports economic development. As in almost every field, foreign workers in the field of health constitute an important part of the workforce. Today, thousands of foreign doctors, dentists, nurses and similar health personnel work and live in Dubai. Dubai-based hospitals offer their healthcare professionals a fairly generous salary at a high-affordable rate. Considering that the working conditions are very humane, thousands of foreign nationals want to work in Dubai. So, what does it take to work as a medical staff in Dubai?

Dubai officially recognizes the medical and health education of many educational institutions in other countries. However, diplomas and documents obtained from these institutions; To be able to work in Dubai, the person must be approved by the Dubai Health Authority. This approval and licensing process is accompanied by various applications, assessments and professional competency testing. As a result of all these evaluations, those who are found eligible can work as health personnel in Dubai. Moreover, Dubai Health Authority does not apply Arabic proficiency as a working condition. People with average English speaking skills can work as medical staff in Dubai. Only psychologists are expected to have an advanced level of English.

All these application, follow-up and approval processes; It can be challenging, especially for healthcare professionals who are already working. That’s why, as the Become a Doctor team in Dubai, it carries out the licensing processes of health personnel; We offer a variety of consulting and support services.

How Much Is a Medical Doctor Salary in Dubai?

Salaries of healthcare professionals in Dubai may vary depending on the branch, education and experience of the person.

Physician salaries in Dubai average 22,000 AED per month for general practitioners , 6 thousand US dollars at today’s exchange rates .

Doctors’ salaries in Dubai average 40 thousand AED per month for specialist physicians , 111 thousand US dollars at today’s exchange rates. Monthly salaries of specialist physicians can reach up to 60 thousand AED.

The salary of a nurse in Dubai is around AED 11 thousand to AED 25 thousand per month, depending on the experience and duties of the person. Of course, with the experience gained in Dubai, this salary will increase rapidly.

Dentist salaries in Dubai average around AED 30,000 per month . This amount corresponds to 8 Thousand US Dollars with today’s exchange rate .

Psychologist salaries in Dubai average around AED 25,000 per month.

Physiotherapist salaries in Dubai also average around AED 25,000.

Where is the Most Advantageous Place to Become a Health Care Person Abroad?

Dubai is one of the most advantageous places to be a healthcare professional abroad. Dubai offers healthcare professionals a very good income and living opportunity. In fact, some health personnel can even get a 10-year golden visa, which is only given to investors in other countries. For detailed information about the advantages of being a healthcare professional in Dubai, life in Dubai and similar topics, you can review other articles on our website.

Dubai Medical Staff Recruitment

Dubai offers very important opportunities and opportunities to healthcare professionals. As the Become a Doctor team in Dubai, we support the overseas plans of our healthcare professionals; We carry out the license and job search processes with great care. For detailed information about our services, you can contact us using the contact information on our website.

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