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Dubai’de Yaşam Koşulları, Giderler, Eğitim ve Sağlık Hizmetleri

Living Conditions, Expenses, Education and Health Services in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most developed and modern cities of both the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to the economic development and modernization efforts it has undergone, it has a strong infrastructure and a constantly vibrant social life network. It has a multicultural structure thanks to the immigration it receives from European countries, America and countries such as Turkey. Of course, the effects of this can be seen in social life as well. For example, in Dubai, women who have immigrated to the city do not have to cover themselves except in religious areas. The city expects from its visitors and residents only modest clothing that is suitable for its own texture.

Dubai also has a very active construction industry. Especially recently, new houses are constantly being built both in the central areas of the city and in the more extreme areas. These new houses, of course, also lead to a decrease in rental prices in the city. While this is not enough to qualify Dubai as a cheap city, the overwhelming majority of its residents earn salaries that are directly proportional to this expensiveness. For example, it is possible to live in a very luxurious villa in Dubai with an average doctor’s salary.

Another thing to mention about living in Dubai is the weather. As everyone guessed, Dubai is a very hot city. This temperature shows itself especially between April and September. Fortunately, at this time of the year, powerful cooling systems and air conditioners are operating in every corner of Dubai without exception. Hospitals, cafes, houses, business centers, all interior spaces in the city are cooled without any problems. In other months of the year, the weather is quite ideal, to the extent that those who go say “You will not be cold or hot!”

Living in Dubai is quite fun, especially in terms of the abundance of activities in the city. From desert tours to beach activities, from shopping to boat trips, there are many activities you can do on your own and with your family. Every year, concerts of dozens of famous artists, global fairs and events meet with Dubai residents. The city, which has a very lively social life, perhaps most importantly, is inhabited by calm and quiet people. It is not possible to witness an unwarranted horn sound or a fight.

Another popular question about living in Dubai is, “How much are car prices in Dubai?” Namely, car prices in Dubai are both very cheap and very expensive. Anyone who works in Dubai, especially in the service industry, has the opportunity to buy average and above cars. For example, doctors can buy cars that cost half a million liras in Turkey with their salaries for a few months. Of course, Dubai, one of the most luxurious cities in the world, is also home to the most expensive cars in the world.

We strive to provide consultancy services to our physicians who want to work as doctors in Dubai, not only during their visit but also afterwards. Therefore, you can contact us for any questions you may have about life in Dubai and request consultancy services from our team, each of whom is an expert in their field.

What Are The Education Opportunities In Dubai?

Dubai’s educational opportunities are an issue especially for families with children. Education in Dubai is generally given in English. It is possible to choose a different foreign language in addition to English. Some of the educational institutions in Dubai provide education with the curricula of countries that are famous for their educational conditions in the world. This means that your child receives a world-class education. There are also courses that provide advanced Turkish language education in the city. Thus, it is possible for children to be literate in their mother tongue and to acquire advanced competencies in Turkish.

How to Benefit from Health Services in Dubai?

In order to benefit from health services in Dubai, you must have private health insurance. This insurance is also provided by the company or institution you work for. It would not be wrong to say that especially doctors and health workers have quite comprehensive health insurance. Thanks to the health insurance provided by your company, it is possible to receive treatment both in Dubai and in different cities of the United Arab Emirates.

Is Life Expensive in Dubai? How Much Are Living Costs in Dubai in 2022?

Someone living abroad may think that life in Dubai is expensive. However, almost everyone in Dubai receives salaries in direct proportion to this expensiveness. Doctors, in particular, have an income that can afford a very luxurious life and save on top of it. The balanced stance of the Arab Emirates Dinar against the US Dollar also affects its global purchasing power.

Become a Doctor in Dubai!

We offer the necessary consultancy services to our physicians who want to work as doctors in Dubai, together with our team consisting of experts in their own fields. Physicians who want to become a doctor in Dubai and practice abroad can contact us using the contact information on our website.

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