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Dubai’de Hemşire Olarak Çalışmak İçin Neler Gerekir_

What Do You Need to Work as a Nurse in Dubai?

Dubai is a city preferred not only by doctors and dentists but also by nurses. Nurses who have the qualifications and skills set by the United Arab Emirates can work in Dubai with very high salaries compared to other countries.

Dubai is a city that develops day by day and creates its own special place in the world economy. Although it is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, it has the image of a different, small country due to its multicultural structure and the high rate of skilled immigration it receives. The breakthroughs in Dubai’s service sector have led to the need for qualified immigration from many regions, especially from the American and European countries. The United Arab Emirates has softened and made many processes such as residence permit, work permit and license acquisition process much easier for qualified people who want to work and live in Dubai.

The first thing to do to work as a nurse in Dubai is to get the United Arab Emirates to recognize your nursing education i.e. get a license. You must share the documents needed in this process with the Dubai Health Authority. The licensing process will also be accompanied by tests and assessments to measure your professional competence. Dubai Health Authority does not require Arabic proficiency to work as a nurse in Dubai. If you have an intermediate level of English speaking skills, you can work as a nurse in Dubai without any problems.

After completing the licensing process, you need to search for nursing job postings in Dubai . You can do this on websites such as and However, it is recommended to be wary of scammers and malicious people.

All these processes can be difficult, especially for nurses who are already working. Determining the required documents, sharing these documents with the target institutions, trying to stay in constant and healthy communication with the mentioned institutions, finding a reliable job posting and performing the application procedures can be challenging for nurses. Therefore, individuals who want to become a nurse in Dubai can contact us using the contact information on our site; can benefit from our consultancy and support services.

How Much is Nurse Salary in Dubai?

Nursing salaries in Dubai may vary depending on the education level of the person, the institution where he/she is educated, the experience he/she has gained in his/her home country and the experience he/she has gained in Dubai. Nurses with 2 to 5 years of working experience can earn a salary of AED 10,000 to 12,800 in Dubai.

Become a Nurse in Dubai!

We offer the necessary consultancy services to our healthcare professionals who want to work as nurses in Dubai, together with our team of experts in their respective fields. Healthcare professionals who want to become a nurse in Dubai and work abroad can reach us using the contact information on our website.

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